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Welcome to Hatchet Girl, Home of the original Hatchet Girl. The "Hatchet Girl" was created in 1999, And has been around ever since, There's alot of fakes on the internet, I've come across alot of Juggalettes who are claiming her as their own, I'm just here to inform every Juggalette out there who has been fooled obviously, They're not real. The "Hatchet Girl" isn't official, Has nothing at all to do with Psychopathic Records, Hatchet Gear or any other relations, She was made mainly for us Juggalettes to have something to rep, nothing more, nothing less. I've been off the internet for some time, The website I use to be at, Tha Carnival Network closed down, so, I'm here re-venting myself, Allowing Juggalettes online to learn and realize who The "Hatchet Girl" and the creator is. I've came across a website, which I will not list here, that basically took over The "Hatchet Girl" and took it upon theirselves to claim her as theirs, "Hatchet Girl" Merch, Which, I was planning on doing from the get-go, but work was holding me back from any free time, but I am back, and I will be having MY Original Hatchet Girl Merch up for those who are interested. Everything else that has been going on, will get handled the way it should. So, Enough about all that. This site is just re-starting, Give it time, Have patience.
Yours Truly,
Tha Original Hatchet Girl

©Hatchet-Girl 1999